Café&Meal MUJI Autumn Delis


In the newly launched Café&Meal MUJI autumn menu, our head chef has tried to match honey with seasonal vegetables and fruits to create natural and healthy delis. There are many kinds of honey extracted from different nectar sources such as aromatic blossom honey, black forest honey with strong flavour, acacia honey with mild sweetness and New Zealand manuka wild flower honey. The head chef studies their characteristics in flavour meticulously and applies them to the deli with the appropriate cooking method. Sweet honey is used in sauces as natural seasoning, it brings up the subtle flavour and adds delicious colour to the ingredients. Composed of glucose and Oligosaccharide, honey provides energy and helps digestion. By combining honey with fresh vegetables and fruits, Café&Meal MUJI brings the nutritious delis in natural flavour in this autumn.

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