Black Bean Tea


The black bean tea that you enjoyed at Café&Meal MUJI uses black beans cultivated in pesticide-free fertilizers at a farm in Sasayama, Japan. The black beans are harvested in Autumn and processed through drying and roasting, and then refined into coarse powder. Enjoy a hot brew of black bean tea that delivers a pure, rich aroma […]

Café&Meal MUJI Rice

16 Grain Rice Make your choice of carbohydrate intake a good one! Reap the abundant benefits of eating 16 Grain Rice instead of refined white rice that is full of sugar and starch. Loaded with a wholesome mix of 16 grains (all from Japan) that are carefully selected to provide a balance flavour, texture and […]

Healthy Living Deli Set Meal


We believe that healthy eating is part of the essence towards a better life. A good diet can improve all aspects of life, from brain function to physical performance. In fact, food affects all your cells and organs. By establishing a good nutritional intake of foods, it will help you feel more energized through the […]

Café&Meal MUJI Summer Menu 2020


Here at Café&Meal MUJI, we are excited to launch 4 new Summer deli dishes for you to savour during this hot season. Find delight in hearty dishes made using the freshest ingredient that will leave you wanting more. For Summer Cold Deli, enjoy our refreshing New Potato, Bacon and Mushroom Salad seasoned with Sesame Soy-Sauce […]

Café&Meal Spring Menu 2020


At Café&Meal MUJI, we celebrate Spring’s arrival with the season’s best produce. Pairing ingredients such as sweet potatoes, scallions and arugula, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with these bright, palatable salads crafted by our chefs. With charred smoked duck & sweet potato arugula salad and poached salmon flakes  salad with lime green chili miso to choose from. Spring’s warm […]