Café&Meal MUJI Summer Menu 2020


Here at Café&Meal MUJI, we are excited to launch 4 new Summer deli dishes for you to savour during this hot season. Find delight in hearty dishes made using the freshest ingredient that will leave you wanting more.

For Summer Cold Deli, enjoy our refreshing New Potato, Bacon and Mushroom Salad seasoned with Sesame Soy-Sauce Dressing and Hijiki Seaweed Tofu Salad tossed in tangy Kombu Shoyu Vinaigrette – creating the perfect summer combo.

Complementing the Cold Deli are the wholesome Summer Hot Deli that features Soy Protein & Onion Meatball braised with Zucchini with Cherry Tomato Stew and Inari Pocket (marinated Prawn & Chicken stuffed in Sweet Beancurd Skin) accompanied with Black Bean Sauce served alongside 16 Grain Rice and a choice of soup.

For only $18.80 (U.P. $20.70)
The Summer Set Meal is available at Café&Meal MUJI Plaza Singapura and Raffles City.


Summer Desserts and Drinks Add-ons:
Mains aside, select any one of our 4 delectable Summer desserts and drinks add-ons at a discounted price when you purchase a Summer Set Menu.

Our Summer Desserts & Drinks:

$4.00(U.P. $5.90) Burnt Cheesecake
$4.00(U.P. $5.90) Green Tea Swiss Roll with Azuki Bean
$5.00(U.P. $7.90) Warm Banana Crumble with Passionfruit Sauce & Vanilla Ice-Cream
$5.00(U.P. $7.90) Mango Coconut Panna Cotta with Coconut Tuile
$5.00(U.P. $7.90) Tropical Fruits Soda 

Available till 8 July 2020, do drop by Café&Meal MUJI to enjoy these summer delights!

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